Defragmenting is a method of boosting the computer's performance by making the hard disk operate faster. The process of defragmentation uses various steps to consolidate or combine similar files as one.

Over time and with regular use, files/folders on your computer's hard drive break down or become fragmented. This causes the system to run slow and it causes processing problems. Defragmenting your computer improves retrieval time and overall performance.


For example, a computer program must access various files on the hard drive every time it is run. If those files are spread out on opposite sides of the hard drive instead of gathered and organised neatly, as they are supposed to be, the computer works harder and takes longer to access the information it needs. In some cases, severe defragmenting may even cause a program to stop running completly.


OK lets start right click on your "my computer icon on desktop"  and select explore as below.

Now right click on your local disk (whatever you C:/ is named) and select properties, select the tab "tools" as below and then click Defragment Now....

1.Click the Analyse button (see below)– the program will analyse your hard drive

2.Do what the result screen says – If it says your hard drive does not need defragmentation, you probably will not benefit from doing it. You can close the program. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

3.If the program says your hard drive needs defragmenting, click on the Defragment button.

4.Allow the program to do it’s work. It will take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to defragment your hard drive depending on: the size of the drive, the amount of fragmentation, the speed of your processor, the amount of your operating memory, etc.

5.When the program has completed, close the program window. If there are any error messages make note of the error and print the log of this process to use in future maintenance or repair of the hard drive.



This is one of the simplest ways to improve performance on your PC....




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