Password Do's and Dont's

There are lots of programs with the ability to obtain your passwords quickly.
The easier your password, the faster the hacker can start wreaking havoc! You should never use the same password across multiple sites including your online banking, Facebook, Twitter, Email, FTP, Blog Admin, etc. You should always use a different password for each site that requires you to log in.


If someone was to obtain your password and you use this password across all sites, they can gain access to all of the sites you have an account with.

Make your password hard to guess and never use these classic and easy to remember passwords as hackers try these passwords with brute force password software.

A list of passwords you should never use just because there easy to remember or type

  1. qwerty – An easy password and one that could be obtained in seconds.
  2. password – Very common password usually set as a default when you sign up with a new site or service. You should change this immediately!
  3. 12345 or 09876 or abcde – Too easy to guess these.
  4. Your name, wife’s name, kids name, pet’s name etc, etc followed by a number such as 0 or 1.
  5. Your location such as city or state.
  6. Your street address – Another easy password to obtain searching your name online.
  7. The last 4 numbers of your RSI number or car reg.
  8. Your date of birth – This one is used a lot believe it or not and anyone who’s a little savvy can get your birth date easily.
  9. letmein – Just like “password” another common password supplied by sites and services. The problem with this is that people forget to change their passwords.
  10. Favorite sports team, singer, footballer or band – More than likely you have this information someone where and probably on your Facebook profile.

There are lots more, but these seem to be common passwords that too many people are using.

What’s a good password?

A password should be made up of at least 8 to 10  digits that should include one upper case character, one number and a special character. Here are a few examples of strong passwords;

  • !9hKoYnep5
  • $F5aGowmT
  • %8LHhqfig4 (don't use these! just suggestions)

These are considered hard to guess passwords, but are also hard to remember. Here’s a way you could better remember your passwords and still keep others from guessing them.

Weak Password

Steven1962 – This is my first name and first initial of my last name with my birth year. I would never use this, but instead, I will substitute characters and letters to make the password easy to remember, but hard to guess.

Strong Password

St#ven6219 – I substituted the “e” with “#” and reverse 2 digits ,It is easy for me to remember, but yet it’s hard to guess.

You should change your passwords every 3 months or if you feel it has been compramised in any way. Better to be safe than sorry.