ScanDisk is a utility in MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows systems which checks and repairs file systems and bad clusters on the hard drive.

OK lets start right click on your "my computer icon on desktop"  and select explore as below.

Find the icon for the hard drive you want to run ScanDisk on. You can run ScanDisk on the system's primary hard drive and also on any secondary hard drives or external hard drives. Right-click on the icon for the hard drive and select "Properties."

Now right click on your local disk (whatever you C:/ is named) and select properties, select the tab "Check Now..." as below.

Note the two check boxes displayed. You will want to choose the "Automatically Fix File System Errors" box. This will perform a basic fast scan of the drive.
"Scan for and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors" box for a more thorough scan. With this checked, Windows XP will take several hours or longer to run ScanDisk depending on the size of your hard drive. Run this if you have noticed a problem with the hard drive's performance.
For regular checks, run the basic check most of the time and the longer check only occasionally.

If you selected your primary drive you will get this message.

Click "Yes" to schedule the disk check.

The next time you start your system, the ScanDisk utility will be run prior to Windows being loaded, examining all the metadata on the volume in five separate phases:

• Phase 1: Verifying file data
• Phase 2: Verifying security descriptors
• Phase 3: Verifying indexes
• Phase 4: Verifying files
• Phase 5: Verifying free space

When all Phases are complete your PC will boot as normal...



Download instructions as a PDF File Download Now >>>